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Solar Post Top Light

The Fireflier Lighting solar post top light is the perfect choice for energy-saving and high quality lighting. It is equipped with a monocrystalline solar panel, Life PO4 battery, MPPT controller, Bridgelux LED, microwave sensor, and remote controller. The die-cast aluminum alloy housing and integrated structure make it durable and stylish. The UFO Style design with 360degree beam angle is perfect for any lighting application.

Brightness Range: 2000lm | 3000lm | 5000lm



The Fireflier Lighting Solar Post Top Light is the perfect way to light up your yard or garden. This light is powered by a monocrystalline solar panel, which is the most efficient type of solar panel available. The panel is mounted on top of a die-cast aluminum alloy housing, which is both stylish and durable. The light also features a Life PO4 battery, which is a long-lasting and environmentally friendly type of battery. The light has a Bridgelux LED, which is a high-quality type of LED that is known for its energy efficiency. Plus, the UFO Style is sure to turn heads.

Product Features of Solar Post Top Light :

• Completely wireless – no need for trenching or cabling.

• High class Integrated die-casting Aluminum alloy case

• Suitable for Residential and Commercial use.

• LiFePO4 Battery offers 5 times longer cycle life than gel acid battery.

• Philips Luxeon high-brightness LEDs with over 50 000 hours’ design life.

• 360degree beam angle ensures ample lighting.

• Motion Sensor optimizes battery life: You choose the level of brightness to be engaged during periods of inactivity. Bright Mode (100%) is only activated when motion is detected.

• Remote controller to adjust the brightness

• Encapsulated Water-Proof smart controller with over 80% charging efficiency.

• All components are IP65 rated.

• 3 Years Warranty.

Additional information


SGL-20W, SGL-30W, SGL-50W


20W, 30W, 50W


2000lm, 3000lm, 5000lm


153.6WH, 320WH, 420WH

Solar Panel

18V/30W, 18V/40W, 18V/50W

Product Size(mm)

570*570*230, 660*660*240, 760*760*250


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