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Solar Street Lighting

Looking for elegant, yet powerful solar street lighting? Look no further than the Galaxy All in two Solar Street Lighting. This light is powered by a solar panel and a Life PO4 battery, making it environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The high brightness LED ensures that your home or business is well-lit, while the aluminum alloy housing gives it a sleek and modern look.

The all-in-two design makes installation a breeze, and the monocrystalline solar panel ensures optimal power generation. Finally, the MPPT Controller protects your investment by maximizing power transfer from the solar panel to the LED light.

Brightness Range: 3000LM/6000LM/8000LM/10000LM/12000LM



The Galaxy series of Solar Street lighting is unrivaled in its ability to perform in any environment, thanks to its high-density Life PO4 battery technology and patented energy management system (EMS). This allows it to optimize efficiency throughout the year, making it the perfect choice for any application.

The Galaxy series Solar Street lighting provides us with the flexibility to customize the light distribution and color temperature to meet the needs of your project. With its adjustable operating profile, this fixture is a great solution for any lighting application.

Looking for a sustainable and powerful lighting solution? Galaxy Solar Street lighting is perfect for illuminating pathways, residential streets, and parking lots. With 4 different sizes to choose from, and the ability to power and sustain luminaires up to 12000 lumens, Galaxy has the ideal lighting solution for your needs.

Product Features of Galaxy All in Two Solar Street lighting:

  1. Innovative split structural design, with good heat dissipation performance.
  2. Adjustable LED module angle, satisfying various road lighting needs.
  3. Brand new A+ class LifePO4 battery with large capacity, support 10 days working after fully charging.
  4. Adopting imported high-brightness Bridgelux 3030 and 5050 led chips, lab testing luminous efficiency up to 210lm/w
  5. The LED module can adjust the angle
  6. Intelligent power adjustment, automatic weather judgment, reasonable planning of discharge rules.
  7. Intelligent charging and discharging management, soft and hard double protection of charging and discharging and intelligent equalization technology, battery cycles more than 2000 times.
  8. A smart remote control can set brightness s at will.
  9. The whole lamp adopts a modular minimalist design, easy disassembly, installation, and transportation.
  10. Default working mode: 3hrs 100% brightness+2hrs 80% brightness+7 hrs 25% brightness(can be customized)

Additional information


SSL-30W, SSL-60W, SSL-80W, SSL-100W, SSL-120W


30W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W


3000lm, 6000lm, 8000lm, 10000lm, 12000lm


12.8V/18AH, 12.8V/36AH, 12.8V/42AH, 12.8V/54AH, 12.8V/60AH

Solar Panel

18V/40W, 18V/80W, 18V/100W, 18V/130W, 18V/170W

Product Size(mm)

575*280*100, 665*280*100, 755*280*100, 845*280*100, 845*280*100


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