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Integrated Solar Street Light

This integrated solar street light is a practical and economical solution for upgrading an urban area with a clean, green and sustainable lighting solution. Made from high-quality components, this street light offers both excellent performance and durability. With a monocrystalline solar panel that provides an efficient energy source and a battery that can last up to 5-7 rainy days without sunlight, it’s an economical choice that has no harmful side effects on the environment.



The Integrated Solar LED Street Light combines a solar panel, LED light, battery and controller into one unit. This leaves the need for wires behind and allows the unit to be placed in any location without any hassle. It is fully adjustable and is able to be rotated to provide light directly onto your path or area of choice. With the built-in MPPT controller, you are assured that you are getting optimal power out of the sun.

The Integrated Solar Street Light is a durable and energy-efficient lamp that can be used to light up large areas, making it perfect for streets, parking lots and more. The motion sensor ensures that the lamp only turns on when it senses a person nearby or when its dark out, ensuring that the lights don’t stay on all night wasting energy.

Product Features of Integrated Solar Street Light:

  1. Integrated design of the solar panel, microcomputer controller, lithium battery, and high-efficiency LED light source.

  2. Modular design of battery and LED chip, transportation, installation and maintenance are more economical and simple.

  3. Road Smart self-developed solar controller can adjust different working modes freely, unique control system with more functions, stability is more stronger; Option of microwave induction function to save power and have longer lighting time.

  4. Upgraded intelligent power control function to regulater reasonable discharge power according to intelligent judgment of recent weather conditions, support longer lighting time and more rainy days.

  5. 280pcs of 3030 lamp chips, optimized brightness, the whole lighting effeciency is greater than 160lm/w.

  6. Double protection of charging and discharging by software and hardware, and intelligent equalization technology, cycle charging and discharging more than 2000 times.

  7. Equipped with patented lens to make the irradiation area more uniform.

  8. Indicator lights of battery capacity display the power of the lamp obviously, which is convenient to observe the charging and discharging of the lamp.

  9. The illumination area and angle of light can be adjusted reasonably according to the width of the road.

Additional information


SSL-40W-C, SSL-60W-C, SSL-80W-C, SSL-100W-C, SSL-120W-C, SSL-160W-C


40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W, 160W


5200lm, 7800lm, 10400lm, 13000lm, 15600lm, 20000lm


256WH, 384WH, 512WH, 640WH, 768WH, 896WH

Solar Panel

18V/60W, 18V/80W, 18V/110W, 18V/110W, 18V/110W, 18V/160W

Product Size

L1004*W370*H130, L1344*W370*H130, L1314*W530*H130, L1314*W530*H130, L1314*W530*H130, L1850*W530*H141


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