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Split Solar Street Lamp

The Helios solar street lamp is the perfect choice for energy-saving, high-quality lighting. With a monocrystalline solar panel, Life PO4 Battery, MPPT Controller, and Bridgelux LED, this lamp is guaranteed to provide long-lasting, reliable lighting. The microwave sensor and remote controller make it easy to control the light, while the split structure and die-cast aluminum alloy housing make it durable and weather resistant. With a maximum lumen output of 12000lm, this lamp is sure to light up any area.

Brightness Range: 4000LM/5000LM/6000LM/8000LM/10000LM/12000LM



The Helios solar street lamp is the perfect way to light up a street, parking lot, or other large areas. With a massive 12000 lumen output, it is sure to light up even the darkest night. The lamp is split into two parts for easy installation, and the die-cast aluminum alloy housing ensures that it will withstand even the harshest weather conditions. The monocrystalline solar panel ensures maximum energy efficiency, while the Life PO4 battery provides long-lasting power. The microwave sensor and remote controller make it easy to adjust the light settings, and the Bridgelux LED provides high-quality lighting.

Product Features of  Helios Split LED Solar street lamp:

  1. Put led chip, charge controller and battery are in one box with external solar panel, professional industrial design team design.

  2. High-end design appearance, the whole lamp adopts high-pressure die-cast aluminum alloy with impact resistance, high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance

  3. Solar panels can be adjusted 360 degrees to suit various environments

  4. Intelligent sensor technology, microwave radar sensor, according to the moving object to adjust the brightness of the lamp , more energy-saving

  5. Intelligent power adjustment, an automatic judgment of weather, rational planning of discharge rules
  6. Smart remote control, With UVA(unmanned aerial vehicle) remote control, remote control long-distance, bring high corrosion resistance, Four lighting modes can be set
  7. Intelligent charge and discharge management, Charge-discharge dual protection and intelligent equalization technology, Cycle times more than 2000 times
  8. LED chip max can reach 210LM/W, more than double the average brightness of an ordinary LED light source, 140-degree view angle, bringing the same lighting results with a shorter pole.
  9. Muti-function lighting modes, tail RGB flashlight design, flashing in multiple colors.
  10. The whole lamp plastic part adopts outdoor PC material fire rating, anti-UV, high-temperature resistance, and antioxidant.
  11. The Solar Street Lamp waterproof level can reach IP67 actually, can work directly in water for a short time.
  12. Ultra-human light design, easy to disassemble, install, and transport

Additional information


SSL-H40W, SSL-H50W, SSL-H60W, SSL-H80W, SSL-H100W, SSL-H120W


40W, 50W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W


4000lm, 5000lm, 6000lm, 8000lm, 10000lm, 12000lm


12.8V/24AH, 12.8V/28AH, 12.8V/36AH, 12.8V/42AH, 12.8V/50AH, 12.8V/62AH

Solar Panel

18V/50W, 18V/65W, 18V/80W, 18V/100W, 18V/130W, 18V/160W

Product Size

L598*W230*H261 For all


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